"To Do" List 2012

Every year I amend this list just a bit more to fit the current circumstances... after a quick read back through the years, it's easy to see that life really is cyclical, and eternal truths really do exist.

Here's this year's, not too drastically changed "to do" for my life in 2012...

1. Cut all unnecessary ties... ie: jobs, people, memories, etc.
2. Insist on living peacefully.
3. Let go more.
4. Simplify my life.
5. React less... (make decisions based on an inward initial standpoint.)
6. Love more, unconditionally.
7. Even more patience.
8. Speak your truth sooner.
9. Value humorous viewpoints over all else.
10. Judge less.
11. Be happy... everything is just as it should be.
12. Be safe, not sorry.
13. Create art.
14. Work hard. Reap rewards.
15. Get lost. Smell the flowers while you're there.
16. Remember... it's totally okay. (Repeat as needed... alternate with deep breathing.)

Happy 2012 ya'll. And much love. xo

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