Prayers Answered

I got the best news of my entire life today.

Lisa and Philippe are unharmed and on their way home soon from Haiti.

So happy.


Dear Lisa & Philippe,

Positive thinking. Positive thinking.

Wherever you are, may my love for you act like a warm blanket and shield you from discomfort, pain, and sorrow. I love you so much. Where are you?

I love you so much.

Come home safely.

You got this.

If anyone does, you do.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

If I say it four times will it bring you home?

I ache for word from you.


"To Do" List 2010

In 2008, my Becky* and I made a "To Do" list that yielded momentous consequences... as our To Do lists often do.

Everything on 2008's To Do is checked off in bold red, green, and gold Sharpies (with minor** slip ups on #3 and #6 from time to time), inside, outside, and in the near vicinity of the check boxes... spared no expense.

Now, in 2010, with two years behind me, and many lessons learned, I feel there are amendments to be made. Some things change, while others remain the same.

Eternal truths do exist after all.

For your enjoyment... and my records... I would like the two lists to mark the start of a new decade for me, you, and anybody else that cares to sing along.***

  1. Cut all unnecessary ties... ie: jobs, people, commitments, etc.
  2. Insist on quality health and life. Apply also to: body, friendships, business, cars, family, etc.
  3. Avoid bad, drunk boys.
  4. Pack up my life.
  5. Remain confident in decisions.
  6. Remain logical in assessing situations.
  7. Patience.
  8. Speak openly and honestly with friends AND enemies.
  9. Value humorous viewpoints over all else.
  10. Be less hypercritical... see also: hypocritical.
  11. Be thankful... we are blessed.
  12. Be safe, not sorry.
  13. Work HARD to obtain what you want and need.
  14. Back yo shit up!
  15. Don't get lost!
  16. Remember... It's going to be okay. (Repeat as needed.)
  1. Make some necessary ties... ie: professional, unprofessional, safety release knots, etc.
  2. Insist on living sustainably. Apply to: body, friendships, loveships, family, business, recreation, etc.
  3. Avoid boys. Some exceptions for men apply.
  4. Unpack my life.
  5. Make logical decisions.
  6. Patience.
  7. More patience.
  8. Speak your truth.
  9. Value humorous viewpoints over all else.
  10. Be critical... see also: analytical.
  11. Be happy... everything is working out perfectly.
  12. Practice reckless abandon.
  13. Create art.
  14. Take snapshots.
  15. Smell the roses.
  16. Remember... it's totally okay. (Repeat as needed... alternate with deep breathing.)

Happy New Years.

* (For a definition of a Becky... visit the 'blarcabulary' section of my website.) blarvolution.com

** All depends on your definition of minor.

*** Which list suits you best?