Cherry Blossoms in Februly

Three springs ago, Terra and I wrote our first to do list. On that to do list was a bullet that said, "We'll be gone by the time the cherry blossoms have fallen."

That year, the cherry blossoms of course didn't fall until summer, and we held to that pattern the following two years as well. Seeing how this year we had Juneuary instead of our regular winter months, the cherry blossoms have come incredibly early.

Question: Does that mean I have to leave WA earlier??? Hmmmmmm...


In Loving Memory... His Ratness

Memorial painting for Keegan Johnson.

Nickname: The Rat. (You knew he'd been at your house if you found bites taken out of your cheese block.)
Loves: Cheese, of course, skating, and fishing. (He caught his first steelhead on a magical red fly.)

We love you Keegan.

I miss you.

PS... Thanks for coming to visit in dreamland recently. Your hug was just as good as I remembered.

News Flash: Internet is No Place For Storytime.

Alright. I'm a slacker. But not really... let me explain.

I started this blog because...

a.) I wanted a reason to write more.
b.) I wanted a place to keep all that writing.
c.) I wanted people to be able to check in with me in some way other than facebook, which (despite a recent lapse in security that some of you know about) I will never have. Again. Even if it's under a fake name with a photo of my alter ego... Zoe.

I have not done those things.

They say that on facebook everything is kept to you and your friends through "privacy settings."

That never seemed like a very secure thing to me. I thought this blog would be different because I would only send out the link to a select group of people, and then I still wouldn't be found in a facebook type network.

I had to re-think this.

Turns out I just require a very high privacy setting on my life.

I've wanted to write, but really can't put anything I do on the internet... at all.

Keep it simple stupid.

I'm going to retract the idea that I will be posting stories here... but promise to start posting pics (which is probably what most people like anyways.)