Serendipitous Circumstances Abound

I have been wondering for a very, very long time when those numbers would show up there. Not so much when I guess, but where. I never would have guessed the answer, but now that it's happened it somehow makes more than perfect sense. As I pulled into the driveway I had to laugh. I do realize that all ODO's reach that mileage at some point... but this happened as I stopped at my destination... on an extremely serendipitous day that was saturated with the 4's... Every. Step. Of. The. Way. I gave up on any control or confirmed communications and followed them like a bread crumb trail. I'm not going to delve into the details of where I was going or who I was seeing, but I will say the timing was perfect. And so was the reminder:

You are exactly where you're supposed to be. You put yourself here.

Listen to your instincts. Take that chance.

Leap blindly into the great technicolor yonder.

I can't urge you enough.

If you're feeling restless... if your gut says go... GO. Don't wait for your mind to catch up with the exact plan. There's no time for that. And besides, you can't plan these things. The universe will though. It's got your back. And it's super creative. Your planning will only limit your possibilities... just have trust. Focus on your end goal... not the path to get there.

Eyes on the prize.

Focus on what you want and just do SOMETHING... anything.

You have to try.

There is enough abundance for everybody.

The universe will provide. But it wont bring it to you on a silver platter.

Speaking of which, I just got this email from the universe this morning, just in case I wasn't getting it:

I told you, Jessi, there'd be days, even weeks, like this...

Absolutely perfect in every single way, with all things as they should be, where they should be, enfolding you in love.

I just didn't tell you they'd all be like this, Jessi, because some things you just have to experience to believe.

The Universe

I also didn't tell you, Jessi, that in this life alone, you'd cover more territory than most do in 1,000 lifetimes. But I bet you'd believe me now... "Secretariat."

Off I go again.

Yesterday Seattle. Today San Francisco. Tomorrow... see you in NYC? (Dates approximate.)