A must see...

So, anyone that's ever looked on hulu for a good movie knows that it's nearly impossible to actually find one worth watching. Well last night I was desperate to find one so I searched through many pages and finally stumbled on a description that simply said...

"After the apocalypse, a group of mental health patients have inherited the Earth. Armed with a short bus and imagination, they must rebuild society and find the edge of the world."

As soon as I saw "short bus," I was sold.

I love this movie. I'm also really envious of the people who got to participate in making it. If you have 55 minutes or need a good movie for free soon... watch this!

If you want to watch it at hulu... here's the link:



Travel Plans?

My travel plans may be subjected to a bit of turmoil due to a volcano in Iceland. I am adjusting by the minute. I am supposed to leave in two weeks... think good thoughts for me! I have some plans in the works that could completely change my entire course... and I'm pretty excited about it.

I'll post the adjusted route as soon as I have it... and although I wasn't originally going to bring a computer the new path may require me to do so. (Oddly enough.) So there will be many posts to come once I take off.

For now... another video!

I originally saw this on Today I Like You. I heard it again recently and decided that songs like that are just plain dangerous... they make me want someone to sing it to.