Happy Happy New Year!

Tonight's mission... to prove to myself that I can stomp just as hard in sparkly high heel booties. 
And of course to have a really, really good time.

Pickwick and great company will aid me in my mission.


To celebrate, we saw Andrew Bird play in Chicago.
Without expecting the world to end, I still figured that if it did I could go out contented.
Really it was about bringing in the new season with a heart flooded with love and emotion.

Happy new astrological time period everyone!


Annual Arizona Migration

I'm having a hard time adjusting to having phone and internet on a regular basis as that has not been the norm for some time now. It's proving difficult. 

I know it's Christmas today, but this is my thanksgiving post. 

I swear that time is actually shorter than it used to be. It's like someone has taken time and space and is squeezing it in a giant vice grip. The days that once felt so long and full of possibilities now feel packed full of pressing opportunities and obligation. Maybe that's just the holidays talking. Then again, maybe time really is just as bendable as space. Who can say. 

Either way, I'm so thankful for all the time I'm allowed with my loved ones. 

Seeing my father is always one of the most lovely things I get to do all year. It reminds me of so much of who I am. An entire half actually. Even if I don't feel connected with that part when I arrive, by the time I leave, I feel more whole. More level. More sane. 

He gives me strength. And I love him so much.

I need to squeeze in more time for these visits.

My sister, my dad, et moi.

Lily Sky.



Dad and Delisa.

Skull Valley.

Low light.

Lovely light.

School grounds.

Tumbling tumbleweed.


Dry fall we're havin'.


Take that.

Last leaves of fall.

Accepts handouts gladly.

Guarded heart.

Plant life 1.

Plant life 2.

Plant life 3.

Plant life 4.

Plant life 5.

Plant life 6.

Plant life 7. (Magic berries.)

Plant life 8.

Saw it coming.

Then it came.

Say no more.

Stay a while.