Moving On

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an irrevocable condition


On Repeat - Alt-J

This album is so pretty it hurts.


Dew drops, Poppies, and Kittens

Sometimes we need to shift our focus back to simple pleasures; drown out the peripheral violence; remember that, despite the sadness and the savagery, it is still a beautiful world.

They say bad things come in threes. 

Here's to better days.


Memorial Day

We'll miss you Sunshine. xo



Waist Deep in a Rum Hole...

is where we've been for the past little while. Staggering.

I've almost exclusively travelled alone with two or three individual people being the single exceptions. I needed to find out what group travel had to offer. I had things to figure out. Questions to be answered.

What happens when you are surrounded by the same people day in and day out for weeks?

Could I handle the truth? (I tend to have severe bouts of antisocial tendencies, so two weeks could be a push depending on the group.)

Where better to go search than somewhere many friends have tried to get me to go for years. 

Sayulita, Mexico. About time.

(Play for viewing soundtrack.)

The first room I get on a trip is always a sure sign of serendipity to come. If I strike a 4 then all is well...

Things were looking up immediately. 

Turns out the law of attraction works with full force and maybe even multiplies when there is a collective vision. 

Being surrounded by awesome people brings about being surrounded by more awesome things... 

like mariachi bands...

and happy little beach mutts...

and majestic whales... (Craig was really majestic the whole time too...)

and magical unicorns...

and of course pirates...

and waves... (some say Fu caught the most, others may claim he cheated...)

and aside from the rum holes we were also surrounded by plenty of tequila filled rooftops and bars....

and last but not least we were surrounded by skulls. Mostly skulls...

Viva la Mexico. See you next time.

I dedicate this one to yous guys...