Triple Threat

She gets three. Because I'm in love.

And I just can't help myself.

1 for my mood today.

2 for my love of odd time signatures.

3 for my awe.


"To Do" List 2013

I'm a bit late on my "To Do" List this year. I have no excuse. All I can say is that I've been living in my head a lot, and I think my posts and the lacking amount of them this last year have reflected that.

Upon reviewing all the previous years' lists, I would say that my goals are swinging less drastically from year to year than they used to. But I am starting to notice a pattern, which is something I didn't expect when I started making and recording these "To Do's".

If the pattern applies to more people than myself, which I'm most certain it must, then the pattern applicable is this:

Some years we move in outward expansions, and others inward. 

Within our lives we swing like a pendulum. Every action, with its equal and opposite reaction lingering on some distant horizon that's not yet in focus, however drastic, catapults us into whichever string of events our subconscious mind wants to live out next. What lessons do we want to learn? If we could consciously recognize the answer to that question then we may (or may not - depending on the lesson desired) save ourselves some of the hardship. But what would be the fun in that? After all, the meaning of life lies in the journey.

The swing may not always be from year to year, but I change my mind a lot. Some swings, the more epic ones, I'm starting to realize those may take decades. 

This last year's expansion for me has been an inward one, most definitely. I retreated. I know more about myself than perhaps I ever have before. It's also been a little difficult to wrap my mind around how to re-adjust and come back from the deepest depths of where I've been. But I can tell it's coming whether I want it to or not. There's a tingle in the air.

I'm ready for some outward movement again.

Here's what I'm going to focus on in this round:

1. Nurture existing ties and be open to new possibilities in new veins... After years of cutting all the unnecessary ones, I've gotten these ties pretty paired down at this point. If I have even spoken with you once this year, know that you hold my utmost respect and love and I want to speak with you even more often this year. This point requires me to get over my fear of the telephone.
2. Insist on living fearlessly... within reason and caution.
3. Let go more... but admit anger gracefully when needed.
4. Expand horizons.
5. React less... (make decisions based on an inward initial standpoint.)
6. Love more, unconditionally.
7. Even more patience... and understanding.
8. Speak your truth much, much sooner.
9. Value humorous viewpoints over all else. (Side note: This one never changes.)
10. Judge less. But be critical. Acknowledge what you do want as much as what you don't.
11. Be thankful... everything is just as it should be. Know that nothing is stagnant. Everything must change.
12. Be safe, not sorry.
13. Create art less seriously.
14. Work hard. Reap rewards.
15. Stay on track. All the flowers you really care about will be along the way for your optimal smelling pleasure.
16. Remember... no matter what... it's totally okay. (Repeat as needed... alternate with deep breathing.)