News Flash: Internet is No Place For Storytime.

Alright. I'm a slacker. But not really... let me explain.

I started this blog because...

a.) I wanted a reason to write more.
b.) I wanted a place to keep all that writing.
c.) I wanted people to be able to check in with me in some way other than facebook, which (despite a recent lapse in security that some of you know about) I will never have. Again. Even if it's under a fake name with a photo of my alter ego... Zoe.

I have not done those things.

They say that on facebook everything is kept to you and your friends through "privacy settings."

That never seemed like a very secure thing to me. I thought this blog would be different because I would only send out the link to a select group of people, and then I still wouldn't be found in a facebook type network.

I had to re-think this.

Turns out I just require a very high privacy setting on my life.

I've wanted to write, but really can't put anything I do on the internet... at all.

Keep it simple stupid.

I'm going to retract the idea that I will be posting stories here... but promise to start posting pics (which is probably what most people like anyways.)


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