In the Air Again...

Well... it's colder up here in the northern hemisphere. It's actually negative 6 here in South Korea this fine morning. I'm not going outside. Between the snow covered tarmac and the heavy fog coverage it looks too much like a scene from a Steven King novel to venture out.

Not to fret though... in an hour we board again for a flight to Kathmandu... and it will be warmer... and all will be well.

And we're flying Korean Air. Which I can't recommend enough.
Free wine... check.
Free movies... check. 
Free slippers... check.
Free toothbrush and paste... check.
Free upgrade to first class on the top deck with fully reclining chairs... that actually happened.

I may or may not have internet in Nepal... depending on where we end up. For now, the general plan is Kathmandu to Pokhara, then on to Sarangkot to possibly start the Annapurna Circuit, if weather allows and that's what suiting our fancy of the moment. I'm mostly making this post to put up that route, and say that if I don't answer emails for a bit it's no reason for alarm. I'll get in touch when I can!

Also... here's the last of the New Zealand photos... it was great to be back on the north island, as it always felt a bit like home away from home. And swimming with dolphins finally got checked off my big "to do" list...

photos of me taken by him

I love you all. xo

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