What happened?


I just looked at this and realized that nearly two months has gone by since my last post. That's fairly shocking (to me at least...)

It feels like two weeks.

Then I take a moment, and reflect on everywhere I've been and everything I've done and everything that's happened in those two months...

Now it feels like two years.

The odd part is that I've spent no more than two days in any one place or bed. Alright... that's an exaggeration... maybe four days is more realistic... and somehow the odd part of that pattern is that it's just not that odd anymore... but it still seems funny somehow.

What's even stranger... I have only taken four photographs since that last post. Four.

Since there are so few... I will post them ALL... (in chronological order)...

I think I usually average about four per hour.

What's happened to me?

Well... a lot actually. "I've been busy" is kind of an understatement.

And, despite the fact that a picture says a thousand words, I don't really think those four photographs cover it. But since writing about all of it would probably fill a series of novels... hmmm...

A short synopsis of the past two months would go something like this (in no particular order)...
  • I "lived" in a beautiful tower with pretty pretty princesses and magical animal friends.
  • I discovered several new hotels with pretty good bathtubs (so long hotel Arcata) and a couple new glorious copper tubs that I hope to return to one day. Speaking of glorious discoveries...
  • I chewed through and digested at least thirty new glorious albums and...
  • Jameson comes in a 4.5 liter bottle. On a swivel mount stand for easy pouring. Yep.
  • I put at least ten thousand more miles on my car.
  • Ten. Thousand.
  • I have covered the west coast... L.A. to Vancouver B.C... by car and by plane more than several times over and now (as of this moment) add Arizona. Speaking of cars and planes...
  • A deer hit my car. Nobody got hurt.
  • A small prop plane with me on it hit a large bird. Based on the damage to the wing, pretty sure the bird got hurt REAL bad.
  • I finally got to be Rainbow Bright... (kind of a big deal... a lifelong dream come true)... even if it wasn't technically Halloween. Speaking of big deals...
  • I got my first new phone in nearly ten years. (Now when I text "I love you" it no longer reads "I mud you." Big deal.) Speaking of love...
  • I fell in love probably a dozen times in varying degrees. Some new, some remembered, some easy, some hard (and then... all at once effortless), and one... frightening and totally out of my comfort zone and totally wonderful. All of them really, really good. (When is falling in love not?) Thanks to all of you who helped with that.
  • I forsake and forgave, fought and won, surrendered and won, threw up my hands, put my hands on the steering wheel, threw up my hands again, opened my eyes, closed my eyes, stopped thinking so I could really think, started feeling so I could really feel, bit my tongue and howled at the moon, acted on immense impulse and strong intuition and some integrity and was rewarded for it.
  • I read a good book.
  • I started to really apply one principle that I've always wanted to act on:
When in doubt... give, let them have it, surrender, make peace.
When there's no doubt... give, let them have it, surrender, make peace.
It's working out.
  • I started constantly catching myself in the act, and repeating this sentence to myself as necessary:
"I will not think up problems that haven't happened so I can 'solve' situations that don't exist."
It's working.
  • I checked out for a bit.


I'm checking back into reality folks. At least I think I am.

For now.

Can't wait to see you there.


p.s. (Right now reality is in Bellingham for me... well... starting Dec. 1)

And just because I love it...

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