Feels Like Falling

Part I

Some things...
you just know.

You know that unknown swim holes are good for more than just skinny dipping.

You know that the best art galleries don't really have white walls.

You know that the Black Keys are epic live.

You know that tattoos can't be rushed but that little black dress shopping in San Francisco can be.

You know that Jimmy Choo's 'Private' Cuff Black Patent Leather Sandals could stop a train dead in its tracks.

You know that Gary Danko's the man.

You know that when you're dealing with dishes ranging from "Glazed Oysters with Osetra Caviar, Zucchini Pearls, and Lettuce Cream" to "Quail Stuffed with Foie Gras, Mushrooms and Quinoa, Cornbread Pudding, Beans, Bacon and Tomato-Corn Relish" you should let the waiter pair the wine.

You know that it's a good dinner when smiling ceases to express your overwhelming happiness and you're both forced into involuntary, irrepressible laughter to relieve the excess elation.

You know that you're falling when it feels like you're floating.

You know that good times get better.


(You know good music when you hear it... play on good speakers or headphones if possible and pair with the photos to follow...)


Part II

When Good Times Get Better... San Francisco Shenanigans Stylee

After a wonderful "weekend" (wed - fri) full of totally classy moments (I swear...) that just happened to not get photographed...

I finally decided to get out the camera.

Interesting timing.

2 am...

Union Square...

Let the games begin.
Actually... let the mission commence.

We rode on the coattails of the wizard's beard... with no idea where it would lead us.

We decided a chariot would get us there faster.

How many downhill blocks can three people ride on a stolen hotel baggage cart going the wrong way down a one way street by Union Square?

(Some things you don't know till you try.)

Naturally then... Choo Choo trains quickly became involved.

Then good times got better.

And betterer.

For a split second good times went bad.

Gremlin stylee. (Sorry about the mess kids.)

But then they promptly got betterest.

And we marched on.

To China town?

Did we really walk that far?

"This trip was either the best idea or the worst idea we ever had."
"Probably both."

Perfect trouble.

We finally found the wizard's tower... in North Whore? I think he meant North Beach? But the camera went dead... obviously time for a cab.

When good times go weird.

"These robes came with the room?"

And just in case I could ever forget this "weekend" (totally not possible)... I picked up a little reminder...

Don't ever forget... "This too shall pass."



Because this woman was a big part of my last San Francisco show trip (what up UBC!) I couldn't resist adding this new, instant personal theme song on here...

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