Living in Integrity

Life is full of so many twists and turns. It's so easy to get lost in thoughts of the future... to make plans based on the events of a week... of a day... and then to have those plans change in the time of an instant. The question is: Do we embrace the change... or do we resist it? And it all boils down to one fact:

It's a personal choice.

The more important question then is...

Is your choice full of integrity? Is it kind?

The world is quickly changing, and that fact is reflected in the obscure nature of each and every individual's personal lives. What is happening on the macro level is happening everywhere on micro levels all over the planet, everyday.

We must choose kindness and integrity as a way of life. If we do not choose acceptance, forgiveness, peace, and unconditional love in our personal lives... it will never happen on a global scale. We make the global scale. As above, so below... and more importantly and seldom quoted... as below, so above.

We have to let go of expectations. All we have is the current moment. That current moment offers us the salvation we are seeking... through acceptance of what is... through acceptance of what may come... because we'll never know.

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