Sometimes I Feel Really Impulsive

Yesterday my friend Johnny pitched an idea for a trip to me.

Today I bought tickets.

May 4 : Seattle to LA
Objective: See Jazmine!
May 6: LA to Miami
Objective: Meet up with Johnny
That Night: Miami to Nicaragua
Objective: Surf Nicaragua and Fly Fish in Belize
May 22: Nicaragua to London
Objective: Hike and Sail the UK, France, and Greece
June 4: London to NYC
Objective: Fun in the city for a weekend. Find Amber, Dozer, and Art.
June 6: NYC to DC
Objective: Train ride decompression zone. Serious girl time with my long lost sister.
June 9: DC back to the Blessed Coast.

Stoked. Finally shaking this funk I've been in...

I wonder if I'll ever be comfortable sitting still?

(It was the god damn cherry blossoms again.)

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