I recognize the fact that I get a bit OCD when it comes to music... well I guess that applies to visual art as well... and maybe a few other things... but that's not the point I'm trying to make here.

This week I got completely absorbed by a song. I heard it for the first time last sunday morning. I listened to the album on repeat for the majority of a twelve hour drive, taking breaks to listen only to an audio book (4 hrs worth)... no other music. I pulled up this track at least two or three times every album play-through and haven't gotten it out of my head ever since. I looked up a lot of live versions, but still seem to like this recorded version best, which is a first for an Andrew Bird song.

Just for fun... here's a few other songs that have held that status with me... in the last month or two...

And just for good measure... one of my ALL TIME favorites... this one never ceases to absolutely amaze me.

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