Back in Bali...

but still surrounded by monkeys.

I know I've posted a few million monkey photos already... but Balinese monkeys are a whole different ball game.

Just in case you come over here, let me give you a couple words of advise about Balinese monkeys as someone told it to me years ago when I first arrived...

1. If you go to any of the monkey forests or temples, this little lady, or some other sweet and innocent looking Balinese person, will try to convince you to buy peanuts or bananas to feed the monkeys. Just say no and pick up a stick instead. (This will make them cackle hysterically.)

2. Secure all of your sunglasses, cameras, water bottles, juice bottles, flip flops, anything shiny, etc. If you are not on your guard they will take them.

3. The monkeys in the temples also really like all of the offerings.

4. Watch out for the mamas.

Cheeky little buggers...

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