Tis the Season

I have never had a blog during this time of year... this is the time of year that I hardly even use a phone, let alone internet. I'm out of service the majority of my time now... phone service... internet service... delivery service... pretty much any type of service.

The short of the long is that postings may dwindle to a bit of a trickle for a while.

Marin has been much better about keeping up... and you can see a glimpse of what we've been up to together at her blog:

Last weekend I was in WA:

One million congratulations to my dear Brandy.

This week I was instantly a world away in Butte County...

where I found living proof that distance has nothing to do with closeness:

In my rush to leave town again... (I am off to yet another county)... I must leave you with a must see (probably in full screen and buffered completely):


(Life, that is.)


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