Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

This sketch explains everything best.

My travel plans have shifted slightly... I was supposed to be on an airplane right now going to the UK. I've decided to stay in Nicaragua on my own instead. On May 29th I will commence a three day journey in and out of airports "straight" to Bali, Indonesia. (Managua, to Miami, to London, to Kuala Lumpur, to Denpasar.)

I'm staying in a small fishing village in northern Nicaragua on the west coast...

A few quick notes of interest on where I'm at:

1. This has been a seldom visited region because it is was the grounds of the revolution about twenty years ago.

2. There is still no law here... but that doesn't mean people aren't punished for crimes. Quite the opposite in fact... lawless areas tend to lead to harsher punishment. If you want to hear some interesting stories when I get back, ask me about this one later.

3. Not to worry, because I have teenage boys armed and supposedly quite skilled with machetes (that are also my incredibly sweet spanish teachers now) guarding my house day and night for two dollars a day. The older one also walks with me if I need to leave the house for any reason after dark.

4. They have the highest paying job in town by far.

5. The house also came with three guard dogs that I may try to smuggle home.

6. A horse is being delivered tomorrow that will be mine for the week and tied to a tree out front for easy access thanks to Bodhi, my new hero.

7. Surf's up. WAY too up. I can't hang, but luckily my new hero has managed to get a tow rope here and I've managed to surf with a line behind a village fishing boat. Getting on the boat again tuesday with the two French chefs that I have grown to genuinely adore over the last three days. (I think they may have gotten it wrong when they said food is the way to a man's heart.) Even though they are about forty five minutes away on dirt roads by car, I've gone to eat at their place for the last three days in a row. Magnificent food and great company was had by all... and will probably be had again.

I'm going to write more and explain myself soon... but not today because it's partly cloudy and if a cloud passes over here this place will loose power and their satellite functions... which looks like it may happen soon. It's also a bit of a hike to this place, and I'm really burnt out on email journeys, so I may not return here until the end of the week.

Since I have three days in airports after that, I may just wait until then! Sure to be a bit better as far as the connection goes.

Love to you all.

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