Arrived in Style

Luckily, Johnny and I travel in a similar fashion. Most people would be slightly, or greatly, distressed if they found themselves on a plane to Nicaragua with absolutely NO idea where they were going, or what they were doing, once they landed. We both knew that it would work out perfectly.

And it did.

We stepped off the plane, found the nearest bottle of Jameson at the Duty Free next to baggage claim, stepped outside and smoked a cigarette, then walked across the street to a hotel that promptly gave us the perfect room. (Note... we did NOT request that number.)

Afterwards, in true Lombok fashion, we hastily jumped into the pool. (Which was greatly appreciated because it was about ninety degrees at eight o'clock in the evening.)

Terra, you were missed.


We made our way this morning to San Juan Del Sur.

We are now in the midst of planning a rapid exit strategy after a surf tomorrow. Techno is wafting in our room's windows on the warm breeze as I type this... blasting all the way from the beach... blar.

This is exactly where we didn't mean to go... the place everybody tells you to go. Will update when we find our new home... if there's internet there of course. (Hopefully there wont be.)

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