I'm not trying to cram dirt down your throat... but...

Last night I made dinner for my mom and her houseguest of the past week or two, who will remain unnamed. It was a beautiful dinner with good conversation, although most of it centered around the need for organic eating, the downfall of Monsanto, etc. etc. (The houseguest is fairly fixated on this one topic and it really is the hot topic at her dinner table these days, which can admittedly be a bit much at times even for me.)

While cleaning up the dishes, her houseguest turned to me and whispered, "What do you say we just get out a garbage bag and empty out everything in her kitchen that's not organic?"
I turned to him and said, "Oh that's really not a good idea... really."
He kept pushing, "Come on... she'll thank us down the road."
I insisted, "I really don't know about that. And, again, this is a terrible idea."

I excused myself to the bathroom to avoid further persuading and when I returned, he was emptying her fridge and telling her that he was doing her a favor. Knowing my mother fairly well, I knew we were about to hit disaster mode (A dutch girl from a poor family would never dream of wasting a DROP of anything... we're talking about a woman that adds water to used dish soap bottles to extend the life of the soap). Within minutes a fight had started, with my mom exclaiming, "I didn't invite you to stay here so you could throw away my food."

I exited soon after this started, literally walking out the door and thanking them for a good night as I listened to the battle continue.

I'm telling this story because I want to say that I know my last post was heavy and full of a lot of opinion. I'm not trying to force any of this down throats but I am finding it fascinating and important in my own life right now. I'm not trying to empty out your whole fridge. I'm just trying to share information... not cram it. I hope it feels that way.

On that note... if you're interested... here is a trailer for another really brilliant movie that I highly recommend. It really makes me want to just go start a farm somewhere. Or at least be a hummingbird.

DIRT... the movie.

A really INSPIRATIONAL (not heavy I promise) short clip from Dirt:

Just one more side note: One of the reasons I really liked this film was because it didn't leave you feeling like there was nothing you could do (as many of these types of documentaries do.) On the contrary, it shows that even just a small effort on everyone's part could really turn some things around.

Change is totally possible.

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