One Last Nod to Dreams...

I just wanted to post this photo because, as it turns out, I'm not the only one that's had a dream vision come true this last week.

Before I was born, my dearest mom (who I'm with in NYC now!) had a dream that I came to her as a twenty something year old... her words, "as a twenty something adult looking as you do now"... to tell her some interesting things about myself. (This is where I leave out those things just a bit too personal to share for now.) I told her, among other things, my name (which she didn't end up keeping because her mother thought the name was far to unusual... but she kept the "J" beginning.)

In the dream I was wearing beige and standing in front of Big Ben. So this picture struck her as eerily familiar:

Coincidence? She and I both had these dreams come into physical reality the same week... the week of my Saturn return. (27th birthday astrologically signifies the beginning of your "adult" life.... Saturn returns to the same position it was in the sky when you were born and begins it's next 27 year cycle.)

What was going on outside Big Ben that day also kind of ties in... as the theme of the week was walls, jails, and finding peace... so of course I should stumble upon a peace rally with some signs literally written out in huge bold letters just in case I hadn't already gotten the clue:

(Sign below reads: Change your mind... then change the world.)

Alrighty then.

I loved London.

I heart NY.

(Did you know it's 5544 km from Heathrow to JFK? Or 3445 miles... my mom's number is 55...)

LOVE my momma.

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