Ode to my Little Me

Funny thing... observing your own emotions from outside yourself that is.

I can really surprise myself sometimes. It's when we think we've figured out the game that we actually set ourselves up for disappointment. That's exactly when life will test you... will throw a curveball... step in and highlight your weak spots for you to observe.

It's only when we ride high that we can fall.

So here I am, observing again.

I get taught over and over that it really is best to stay even-keeled and keep both feet on the ground. But then again, for some reason I keep getting back on the rides. It may be time to sit on the bench and people watch for a while. It is not a waste of a ticket to the park.

My "little me" really likes this song today.

My "bigger me" is laughing at myself right now.

"Little me's" take everything way too seriously.

Love you all.

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